Why Vicenza
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Why Vicenza


Vicenza, the heart of Veneto.

A slogan derived from its geographical position, considering its central position in relation to Verona (the Arena, Romeo & Juliet Balcony), Padova (Cappella degli Scrovegni), Venezia (Piazza San Marco), Treviso and the main airports of the Northern Region, but also because of the many opportunities offered by this vast territory. The art, the culture and a calendar full of events, the mountains, golf, the craft shops, and the wine specialities – a display of true excellence. All you have to do is choose! And choosing Alfa Fiera Hotel for your stay is the best way to do it, being in the heart of the heart! And also the perfect way to relax after a hard day’s work or a congress.

Vicenza, world heritage of mankind.

The acknowledgement comes from UNESCO for Palladio’s incomparable inheritance. The renaissance architect has been an example to the world, his palaces and villas are the framework of the historical centre of Vicenza and enrich the landscape that surrounds them. Moreover, these historical places are often used for various events, banquets, concerts and also movies (like “I dreamed of Africa” with Kim Basinger and “My Roman Holiday” with Hu Bing ).

Vicenza, in the forefront for exports.

A statement that sums up the characteristic of its economy. A growth due to the opportunities granted by avant-garde industries and communication technologies companies, notwithstanding the great tradition of gold jewellery, ceramic, textile and leather segments.

Vicenza, land of good food.

“One never ages at a dinner table” states an old saying, “and one does good business” we might add, with the help of a throng of caterers and devoted artisans. Asiago cheese and Bassano’s grappa are well-known and celebrated; a regal salami such as sopressa and appetizing dishes such as Baccalà alla Vicentina, as well as the wines from the surrounding hills and other specialities, will be the real surprise of your stay.

Vicenza, meeting place.

An old-aged tradition of hospitality, now stimulated by numerous exhibition appointments: the three editions of Vicenzaoro, Spaziocasa, Hunting Show, Abilmente, Numismatica, just to mention the most famous ones. Furthermore, the congress centre of Fiera di Vicenza is the site for important annual international conventions: the Nephrology Congress, for start.